Making the world better with Internet and coffee.

“Mankind has experienced three industrial revolutions, firstly the 1765 rise of steam and railroads, secondly the 1870 rise of electricity and oil, and thirdly the 1969 rise of electronics and automation. The fourth revolution – a shift towards digital economy – is happening now.”

Mohd Hisham Khairul Nasir
Founder and Managing Director, Solaku

Our Story

We are a Malaysian tech startup with a mission to make Southeast Asia better with Internet (and coffee).
We are involved in developing platforms which empowers and enhances the great people of ASEAN.
We love every minute of our journey.


A Humble Beginning

Solaku began as a microbusiness repairing computers, cleaning up offices, and delivering general goods to customers. Nothing remarkable happened for a while as we were like nomads doing odd jobs and not realising the things to come…


Inspired by Amazon

Our 3 industries inevitably merged and contributed to the idea to create an ‘everything’ online platform; BeliBeli24 was born in December. It was just Google Sheets and WhatsApp packaged together to become a platform to deliver goods to customers with just 2 – 6 bookings a day.


Black Monday

On 13 March 2017, the online platform went viral and we found ourselves suddenly needed to run as a full-fledged internet company with a new major goal in mind; to serve for the good of mankind. We immediately set up office and hired amazing individuals to make our mission a success.

Leaving Positive Social Impact

As we grow, we were pleased with the results the platform has on local businesses and communities. We provided additional profit to small, medium and even established businesses through online bookings. Delivery Partners, both part time and full time, generated a decent income of MYR50 – MYR250 a day (USD12 – USD61).

Recognition by Malaysian Government

In December 2017, we were surprised by an award from the Ministry of Finance which recognised our effort and social impact. This further encouraged our effort to spread the platform across Malaysia.

AWARD: Top 3 1MET Start-ups 2017 by Malaysian Ministry of Finance


Federal and State Support

Our effort was further recognised by the Sarawak state government and Malaysian federal government. With cooperation and grant funding by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), we began developing our platforms to benefit the society even more effectively.

AWARD: Start-ups to Watch for in 2018 by Global Entrepreneurship Movement

Creating More Jobs

With the support of the Sarawakian government policies which emphasize on digital economy, we have created more job opportunities for the people across Sarawak.

Innovative Indonesia

We were sponsored by the Malaysian government to meet our counterparts in Jakarta to gain new ideas and exchange knowledge with successful Indonesian unicorns such as Tokopedia and Gojek. We realised we had a lot of work to do in Malaysia if we were to catch up with our digitalised neighbours.

AWARD: 1MET Plugged-In Jakarta by Malaysian Ministry of Finance


Hello BeGÖ

We retired BeliBeli24 and relaunch it as BeGÖ as an improved platform to raise funds for future developments.

A Cohort in the TEGAS Startup Lab

We were further assisted by the Sarawakian government who connected us with TEGAS and Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) as a second cohort in the prestigious TEGAS Startup Lab accelerator program to enhance our business. This played an important role in preparing us to be nationally and even internationally competitive.

Top 100 in Asia Pacific

We had another pleasant surprise when we were selected as one of the Top 100 start-ups in the Asia Pacific by e27. We had the opportunity to be sponsored by the Malaysian government to go to Singapore to expand our network with regional players.


Pandemic-proofing a Startup

We took a big hit from the COVID-19 outbreak but we quickly got back on our feet on day 2 lockdown. We continued to raise funds via BeGÖ to develop the 9 new platforms for a better Southeast Asia.

Our Journey Continues!

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