We at Solaku are a bunch of happy-go-lucky sophisticated minimalists.

We are aroused by complex challenges and even more satisfied to find the solutions, which later we repackage them as simple as possible to the point our grandmothers can understand it under 2 minutes.

We are also not bound to time and money. We are not the type to work 9 AM – 5 PM just to get paid. We acknowledge that we do not live forever and thus make use of our limited resources to help improve the livelihood of mankind.

Apart from working remotely from homes, at our co-working spaces or at our local Starbucks, we coordinate ourselves to go far by practicing our Freedom, Action & Responsive (FAR) culture.

If you too are interested and are like-minded like us, we will happily welcome you with open arms and drink coffee together while we make Southeast Asia better.


When we say freedom, we mean it. We treat everyone like adults and trust our team with their work. This is to empower our team members so we can skip all the corporate red tapes and get things done quickly and effectively. Information, manpower and resources are shared with your colleagues at all times while hiding facts or playing office politics are capital sins.

However, great freedom comes with great responsibility. If you see rubbish on the floor, you help pick it up instead of saying it is not your job. If you need to print something but the printer is out of toner, you buy a new toner (keep the receipt and claim like an adult would do) instead of just waiting for someone to fix it.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable borderless working environment where everyone is trusted to do what they think is best for Solaku and mankind. We believe that we can thrive in an environment where you are trusted, and when you produce expected results ahead of time you deserve appraisal instead of being asked to do more with the remaining time.

In summary

  • This is the environment where you can do your work without a supervisor constantly checking on you every minute for progress.
  • We have no issues on how or where you do your work as long as you reach our targets.
  • You can expect to work with colleagues who are digital nomads or office workers.
  • We have no place for bullshit, gossip, and office politics in our working environment.
  • Whatever you decide to do, you do it for the benefit of the company and our species.You are responsible for your decision and its outcome whether good or bad.


This is a pretty straightforward culture; action speaks louder than words. We do not tolerate the talk cock, sing song, play ping pong culture. We spend less time in meetings and more on the needed actions on the online or offline battlefields.

In summary

  • Meetings are reserved for briefings, diplomatic relations, and results. Everything else can be conducted over emails.
  • Meetings are conducted with the agenda ready, end with actions to follow up, and documented so we can update everyone.
  • Something is wrong if two or more meetings are conducted with no results.
  • We expect you to meet your minimum target, and you deserve rewards if you can achieve more.
  • You take calculated risks and are open to the possible failures where you have prepared contingency plans.
  • Your action must leave an impact in the community and do not do things for the sake of meeting your KPI.
  • You question actions which are inconsistent with our culture.
  • You demonstrate and accomplish amazing amounts of important work to inspire each other.
  • Focus on the results instead of the process because sometimes the process is not perfect but it just works somehow.


This is the third and final cultural value in our company. It can be summarised using Bear Grylls’, the world-famous survival expert, famous Internet meme quote, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”

We do prepare plans because we believe failing to plan means we are planning to fail. However, we are living in a fast-changing era where one day we are casually brainstorming at Starbucks and suddenly we are forced to work from home due to a pandemic the following day. We admit we cannot plan for every possible scenario life throws at us, but at least we can respond accordingly. We do not feel angry when we update our long-planned roadmaps as long as we update to ensure our goals are met and everyone can stay alive.

In summary

  • You react quickly and positively to changing social patterns and business environments.
  • You keep yourself updated with latest happenings, product knowledge and market changes.
  • If your actions are not giving the desired result, stop it to avoid further losses.
  • Do not leave anything with no respond or no solution for more than 24 hours.
  • You can form your own response task force to react to whatever life throws at us.
  • Do what Bear Grylls said.

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